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Screw Flirting : A Small Town Brother's Best Friend Romance

Sometimes you just have to chuck the bro-code.

Brooke, a.ka. “Bug,” Stewert thinks she's practically invisible. With her short hair and baggy overalls, she's just one of the guys. She keeps to herself, spends most of her time fixing up her sailboat and planning her escape from her bizarro hometown, Spring, FL - where the men outnumber the women by like ten to one. Honestly, in a town overrun with hard up dudes, being different and unapproachable would suit Bug just fine, if it weren’t for her unrelenting crush on her brother’s best friend.

Jackson Winters is following in his father’s footsteps. He’s gonna be an accountant. Sadly, he doesn’t even like math. Secretly he wants to be a writer - and not the practical kind. Jackson wants to write fiction but he’s basically never told anyone that - except Bug. She’s the only one he talks to. God, he thinks about her all the time. But she’s his best friend’s little sister.

You shouldn't want your best friend’s little sister, right? What if it's just for one night?

This small town is paradise. Beautiful beaches, year-round warm weather and friendly neighbors. There’s only one thing missing—single ladies. It’s Raining Men in Spring, Florida and the lonely residents are hungry to find their soulmates. During the month of April, some of your favorite instalove authors are bringing you stories set in this fictional town where the men significantly outnumber the ladies. Come meet us in Spring to find your next book boyfriend.

Reckless Boy

When a man loses his way, sometimes a quiet stranger can talk him off the edge. 

Bookish and awkward, college sophomore Leah McCarthy treasures the quiet of her summers on Martha’s Vineyard. Her tiny Edgartown cottage is small and quaint, a perfect escape from the pressures of her parents’ high society lifestyle. Or at least it was until an absolute beast of a man moved in next door. First he was loud and disruptive, always throwing parties and making a ruckus. But now, Leah’s thinking maybe it’s more complicated than that...

Dropout, Ryan Stewart thrives on risks. Some of the guys at work say he has a death wish. Maybe. Or maybe not. Either way when there’s adrenaline coursing through his veins he remembers to breathe. He came to the island to get away from the watchful eyes of his small hometown but one night, lost at the bottom of a bottle, he climbed up to the roof of his cottage and bellowed at the moon, catching the attention of his nosey, uppity neighbor.

Now that girl is watching him. He can feel her eyes tracking him all the time. And can’t decide if he wants to scream at her to mind her own damn business or grab her and kiss that prissy frown right off her face. 

Reckless boy is a standalone novel with a guarenteed HFN/HEA, but readers have seen Ryan before in Screw Flirting by Lola West.

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Rockin' Her Curves: A Curvy Girl Romance

This catfish is a keeper.

Patricia “Trish” Chobert likes one-night stands and bye felicias. If her father taught her anything, it’s that lying, cheating men keep women from succeeding. And nothing is going to keep her from climbing her way to the top of the management side of the music industry. So, when her best friend makes her a profile on the dating app Curve Connection, there is only one thing to do. Delete, Delete, Delete!

Only she’s not expecting the sweet sexy message she finds in her inbox.

Hunter Winston is mega rich - always has been - and despite his talent, the scuttlebutt is he bought his way into the world of rock. He’s used to chatter, but he’d like to meet a woman who actually likes him, not his money or his talent. On an impulse he makes a dating profile with a fake name and fake photos.

And it works! He’s full-on head over heels until Trish, his online dream girl, comes walking through the door with his manager.


Can he ever tell her the truth?

Rockin' Her Curves is a standalone novella with an HEA, but it features characters from the Universe of all of Lola West's books.

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A Christmas Tart

On the third day of Christmas these childhood rivals have perfect chemis-tree!

Get ready to watch tension fly and the three french biddies meddle when Max and Patrick reconnect at the Laurent Bakery in Martha's vineyard.

Summer's Dad Bod


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